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软件简介—SoftWare Description: DHI MIKE ZERO 2007 水利模型系统

丹麦水力研究所(Danish Hydraulic Institute,简称DHI)是丹麦的一所非盈利性的私营研究和技术咨询机构,成立于1964年。DHI是丹麦技术科学学院的成员之一,也是丹麦应用技术和工程服务行业协会会员。共有职员205人,其中136人具有博士或硕士学位(1994年)DHI致力于应用和发展水力学及水文水资源工程的先进技术和方法。主要从事海岸、河口、港口工程、城市水力学、水资源及环境工程的设计、软件研究及水工模型实验等工作。 MIKE ZERO 2007是DHI公司在Windows系统下整合的图形用户界面、包括建立模拟、前后处理分析、展示及可视化的统称,目前包括以下模型系统 MIKE 11 - 1D河流和渠道模拟系统,用于模拟任何河流流量、水位、泥沙输送的软件系统。MIKE 11功能较为齐全,包括多种模型。主要有: (1)水动力学模型(HD model) (2)对流扩散及粘性输沙模型 (3)非粘性沙传导模型 (4)NAM降雨径流模型(NAM model) (5)单位线模型 (6)洪水实时预报模型(FF) (7)地理信息系统 MIKE 21 - 2D河口、沿海水流和海洋模拟系统 MIKE21是一种通用的二维数学模拟系统,它可以用来模拟河口、海湾以及海洋近岸区域的水流变化。它在对二维非恒定流进行模拟的同时,还对密度变化、水下地形、潮汐变化和气象条件进行了考虑。包含水动力(HD)、传输扩散(AD)、短波模式(SW)、无黏性泥砂输送模式(ST)、水质(WQ)、优养化(EU)、重金属(ME)、流体中固体颗粒追踪(PA)、近岸区域风浪(PA)等九个模式 MIKE 3 - 3D河口、沿海水流和深海模拟系统 MIKE Flood - 1D-2D动态耦合的洪水模拟系统 LITPACK - a modelling system for littoral processes and coastline kinetics MIKE SHE - 地下水及水资源模拟系统 ::::::English Description::::::MIKE Zero 2007 is the common name of DHI’s fully Windows integrated graphical user interface for setting up simulations, pre- and post-processing analysis, presentation and visualisation. The MIKE Zero framework gives access to the following DHI modelling systems: MIKE 11, MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE 21/3 Integrated Models, MIKE Flood, LITPACK and MIKE SHE. The PP module is a subset of the MIKE Zero 2007 setup editor and comprises most of the pre- and post-processing facilities available, except for few add-ons that are purchased separately. The PP module offers you an integrated work environment providing convenient and compatible routines to ease the tasks of data input, data transformations, and for the analysis and presentation of the simulation results for any of the MIKE Zeros based models and application modules. Included are editors for: bathymetry and mesh generation (dedicated editors for the different flow model versions) data viewing and analyses (time series, line series, line and color shaded contours, animations (top view)) graphical editing functionalities plotting and visualisation (animations) facilities For example, the MIKE Zero Plot Composer provides you a work environment for creating report quality hardcopy output. Furthermore, some plot controls produce animations that may be created, viewed and stored. MIKE Zero also contains a geodesy facility holding a large number of predefined map projections, which makes it possible to work with different coordinate systems. Toolboxes With the PP module follows the MIKE Zero (MZ) Toolbox that includes: Extraction tools for extractions of time series, profile series and 2D/3D series Hydrology tools (maximum rainfall, mean area weighting algorithm, normalize rainfall and runoff analysis Statistics tools for time-, matrix-, or volume series Time Series tools for interpolation and one year summary Transformation tools for rotation and interpolation of 2-dimensional data GIS tools for transforming ESRI ArcView ascii files to MIKE 21 format and model data to GIS grid and shape files Concatenation tool to concatenate files in dfs format Similar to the other components of DHI Software extensive User Guides with examples follows these toolboxes. MIKE 21 Toolbox When you purchase a MIKE 21 module the MIKE 21 Toolbox is included. This toolbox contains module-related utilities (hydrodynamics, environmental, morphology, sediments, tidal, waves and wind). For example, preparation of transfer boundary conditions, a variety of calculation routines for flow and sediment discharges and for prediction and analysis of tidal heights and currents, including routines for generation of various types of waves, wave spectra and wind fields. MIKE 3 Toolbox With any MIKE 3 module follows the MIKE 21 Toolbox and the MIKE 3 Toolbox. This include at present tools for the classic MIKE 3 versions. For example, a border adjustment tool developed to aid adjusting nested bathymetries prior to a nested MIKE 3 Flow Model simulation. A digitizing tool to interpolate irregularly spaced ASCII data into a regular three-dimensional grid and save the results in a type 3 data file. Finally a LITPACK Toolbox with the efficient tool dfs0scat, which is used for analysis of time series of waves and creation of scatter diagrams. This tool analyze a dfs0 time series file and create scatter diagrams reflecting the distribution of the values for up to 4 items and 1000 classes.

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