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Type3 CAA.V5.5B.for.CATIA.V5R18-R25

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     Type3 CAA.V5.5B.for.CATIA.V5R18-R25
    Type3 for CATIA V5- application CATIA V5 to Relieve inscriptions and drawings of any complexity on the surface of 3D-models CATIA
    Type3 CAAV5, based on Dassault Systemes Component Application Architecture V5 (CAA) has been developed in close partnership with the world leaders in the field of PLM solutions. This enables CATIA V5 users integrated access to Type3 and greatly increases the ability to easily include lettering and graphic objects in the model CATIA.
    Type3 for CATIA engineers focused on providing access to a specific set of tools related to the addition of CATIA models logos, text, serial [numbers of legal memos. Supported CATIA model text and graphics can then yuyt used in the CAM-module of CATIA for grayirovki and creating mold.
    Type3 CAAV5 Based provides:
    - Professional and powerful tools for texts and symbols TrueTypea, fonts, numbers, symbols
    - Flexible and precise customization of texts and images of scanned images
    - Improved Projection graftcheskiyh objects even complex forms of 3D-models
    - Full integration with CATIA CAAV5 environment
    - Ease of use for CATIA users through user-friendly interface in the style of CATIA
    - Supports English, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese

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