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Dassault.Systemes.Isight.v5.8.3.Win64-ISO 2DVD

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      Dassault.Systemes.Isight.v5.8.3.Win64-ISO 2DVD

    SIMULIA provides users with leading solutions to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of various software packages . Isight and SIMULIA Execution Engine ( formerly called Fiper) allow you to combine multiple interdisciplinary models and applications to the processes of simulation , automate their execution in distributed computing resources , explore the resulting design space and identify the optimal design parameters in accordance with the requirements and limitations .
    Capabilities of our proven solutions for automation and optimization of simulation :
    Radically reduce design time by integrating workflows into automated
    Producing more reliable, high-quality products by reducing the time frame for consideration of project alternatives
    The decline in investment in hardware by leveraging existing systems and work-sharing
    Effective communication through sturdy sootrudnichestvu partners in the design

    Key features Isight 5.8
    Construction of the model
    Filesets file sets (File Set) represent a new and improved method for determination of dynamic arrays of incoming and outgoing files.
    They allow configuration files arrays by locating the file and schema matching file.
    File size of the array is determined at run time and each time can vary.
    Content of a set of files , you can sort by name ( in alphabetical order) or by date modified.
    Replacing keyword Jobid new keyword {jobid} corresponds to the current task identifier Jobid in Isight.
    Replacing keyword {jobid} produced in the file properties and components.
    Replacing keyword User New Keyword {user} - is the name of the user who started the task offline in Isight.
    In previous versions (up to 5.8) keyword {user} was available only in SEE.
    Component Enhancements
    Component CATIA V5 Additional support Isight parameterization of layers laminated composite material. Allowable values: integers greater than 0 . Order of elements in the array corresponds to the order of layers, set in CATIA.
    Additional support Isight parameterization composite plies and guidelines .
    Permissible values ​​of the angle of fiber orientation layer Isight correspond to the values ​​set in the model CATIA.
    Parameters are now fully preserved during the transition from Isight in CATIA and back.
    Component Development Environment ANSYS Workbench component development environment ANSYS Workbench has been enhanced and now supports geometrical conjugation . When importing a file of geometric data (eg , CATIA V5) in the model ANSYS Workbench (*. Wbpj) and the creation of design parameters with reference to the geometrical parameters , you can update these settings using the component interface geometric conjugacy.
    To support this feature, ANSYS Workbench parameters of the new files are created automatically by the component.
    Runtime Gateway Visuals
    Correlation table in the new visual correlation table shows the heat map of correlation values ​​between the selected incoming and outgoing parameters. In addition , the table helps users to quickly identify highly correlated pairs of incoming and outgoing parameters. Finally, it displays the same data as in the correlation map, but they are presented in a different form .
    Line minimum / maximum values ​​in the table of historical data in the table of historical data have been added to the gray line minimum / maximum values ​​, on which the values ​​are displayed as part of a series of values ​​of a given column. These rows are updated in real time as the program simflow and adding new data in the table.
    Improvement of graphs based on data sets Isight In previous releases, it was impossible to create charts based on data from two different arrays.
    Isight 5.8 now supports graphics to create that use data from two different arrays. For example, on the basis of relations "shift / time" and " force / time" , the user can easily create a graph showing the ratio of " power / shift ."
    This greatly simplifies the process subsequent working of historical data component arrays Abaqus.
    Reporting tools on license a new utility that allows you to create reports about the history of the use of licenses Isight.
    Allows you to read data from the event log on the license server Dassault Systemes (DSLS) or FLEXnet debug log and personalize report depending on user preference .
    Data output to standard output or ASCII- files in various formats (table, csv, json).

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