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    Improved Interoperability 
    Petrosys 16.6 builds on our reputation for providing the best geotechnical mapping in EP applications suites by adding support for seismic and well data from Zokero's SeisWare interpretation system, and in migrating our IESX link to Schlumberger's GeoFrame dev kit with a resulting dramatic improvement in IESX link performance and reliability.  On the 'output' side, a new 'Export/Spatial' option will let you publish just about anything that you can see on a Petrosys map to a range of GIS formats including Google Earth KML and shapefiles. This also addresses a range of requests for exporting various map objects to alternate Petrosys formats such as polygon, culture and contour files. 
    Export/Spatial is also now available from gridding, to allow conversion of Petrosys surface modelling files to generic spatial data formats. 
    There are also performance improvements in other applications links, such as in getting project lists from Landmark R5000 and formation tops from Petra.    
    Improved Performance + Scaling 
    In response to a shift to larger and more detailed project areas Petrosys now supports very large grids, lifting the previous 2GB file size constraint. 
    A streamlining of our Grid/Import-XYZ allows this to be used in scripting the import of large data sets, such as Lidar. 
    We have matched the increased grid data volume with a three to one or better improvement in the speed of our by-cell contour computation.    
    Improved Ease of Use 
    Finding the best Petrosys display options for the rich diversity of data that our maps support has been automated through a new 'Display/AnyData' option, which is also accessible through an icon and - on Windows - by simply dragging and dropping your data file into the Petrosys map canvas. 
    New QuickStart segments have been added to the top level help topics for the related display options to enable new users to produce better maps in less time. 
    Various menu options and file saving prompts have also been rearranged to improve usability. 
    For the experienced mapping user, a copy/paste option allows instant duplication of layers for faster systematic map building, and ctrl-F will now flash wells from the Edit/Wells menu.    
    Better Surface Modelling 
    Computing grids from contours provided in GIS sources such as shapefiles has been improved to match the established quality of our Petrosys contour to grid algorithms. 
    New directionally sensitive contours enable the use of 'up-side/down-side' contour styles to improve map readability, whilst also enhancing the alignment of contour labels. 
    The volumetrics module has been upgraded to support various combinations of positive-up and positive-down Z-value conventions, as part of a general improvement in processing true vertical depth data as subsea negative values.    
    Better Data Management 
    As the final chapter in Petrosys' CRS enabling, SDFs now include a Coordinate Reference System (CRS). Existing SDFs may be upgraded using the established "/File/Maintain/CRS/ Assign CRS to files" option.         

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