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Sage Abra HRMS 8.2 (企业应用):

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    Sage Abra HRMS 8.2 (企业应用):
    Sage Abra HRMS 是为中型企业设计的人力资源管理、薪金福利管理、培训招聘和员工顺从性管理的解决方案。它可以适应多种数据库平台,包括SQL, MSDE, 或Visual FoxPro,为人力资源管理提供了强大的报告和分析功能。

     Transform Your HR and Payroll Processes with Sage Abra HRMS.

    Sage Abra is the award-winning human resource management system comprising HR, payroll, benefits, training, recruiting, and compliance solutions for mid-sized businesses. Its flexible design features your choice of database platforms, including SQL, MSDE, or Visual FoxPro, a comprehensive array of features, and the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities that you need to manage your workforce.

    At the core of the Sage Abra human resource management system is a full complement of HR, payroll, training, and recruiting capabilities. It comes complete with hundreds of standard reports, industry-leading Crystal Report? Writer, customizable templates, and an easy-to-use query tool. Also includes employee self-service and benefits enrollment to automate workflows, streamline routine employee requests, and improve efficiency and productivity. An integrated database feeds a seamless flow of information to continuously deliver time and money savings.

    Sage Abra HRMS also comes in comprehensive versions for Canada.
    Review our human resources management system tailored to Canadian specifications

    Sage Abra HR
    Manage HR information based on your company's unique structure and needs. Sage Abra HR allows you to easily organize workforce data, track all types of benefits, manage OSHA incidents, and run an array of management and government reports to ensure compliance.

    Sage Abra Payroll
    Industry-leading Sage Abra Payroll gives you complete control over your payroll processing, including flexible features such as unlimited earnings, taxes, and deduction types, multiple user-defined pay groups, and automatic ACH files for direct deposit.
    Sage Abra eRecruiter
    Manage applicants and requisitions with this web-based system that features paperless workflows, online applications, screening questions, and integration to major job boards.

    Sage Abra ESS
    Provide employees, managers, and administrators with a central location for viewing and managing personal data and company information, including time-off requests, pay stubs, current benefits, and training history.

    Sage Abra Benefits Enrollment
    Empower employees to make their own benefit elections and life events changes via the Internet or intranet using easy, step-by-step wizards.

    Sage Abra Benefits Connect
    Cut the costs and complexity of benefits administration. Securely automate communication of employee benefits enrollment data with insurance and benefits carriers.

    Sage Abra Recruiting Solution
    Manage an organized database of qualified applicants to cut your cost per hire, track expenses, and streamline hiring procedures.

    Sage Abra Attendance
    Track all types of paid and unpaid time off plans such as illness, leave of absence, and vacation with flexible, intuitive setup.

    Sage Abra Train
    Define training needs for each job track, manage certifications, and automate the scheduling and logistics of training programs.

    Sage Abra OrgPlus
    Automate the creation of complex organizational charts, perform "what-if" analyses, and communicate structure changes.

    Sage Abra Alerts
    Monitor your Sage Abra database, specify actions, and trigger e-mails that send automated messages and keep employees informed about key activities and pending issues.

    Sage Abra LearningAction
    Limit your legal liability and ensure ongoing compliance by educating your workforce on harassment, discrimination and more. Use integrated eLearning training courses and compliance management tools to capture your employees' attention and keep it. Superior interactivity. Award-winning content.

    Sage Abra Add-On Solutions and Utilities
    Get even more out of your Sage Abra solution with these utilities.

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